Johnson Controls has released version 3.4 of its SMART Equipment Control Firmware. The new SMART equipment firmware incorporates a new feature known as Continuous Reset Single Zone Control™ (CRSZ Control). Unlike the typical Single Zone Variable Air Volume (VAV) system operation, company reps said the CRSZ Control provides precise control of space comfort while maximizing energy savings.

Company officials also said the CRSZ is a control feature that allows field configuration of a single zone VAV operation and is a unique Johnson Controls feature for the HVAC market. It offers added comfort and energy savings by balancing compressor staging and fan speed to deliver stable zone temperature and humidity control.

Comfort and energy savings are accomplished through the Smart Equipment controller, which utilizes multiple inputs such as operational space temperature (OprST), supply air temperature (SAT), and evaporator coil (EC) sensors. These features help control fan speed and compressor staging to provide optimal comfort while using as little energy as possible.

The CRSZ Control operates with the minimum fan speed needed to maximize energy savings and comfort. Based on the percentage of demand for cooling, the CRSZ uses an algorithm that focuses to maintain space/zone temperature with changing load characteristics.

--Johnson Controls