Victaulic launched its VicFlex Style AB6 Bracket for cold storage applications. Created to adjust to any ceiling or wall thickness, the bracket is available for order with the V33, V36, or V40 dry sprinkler and the Series AH2-CC or Series AH2 braided hose. Company officials said the seal integrity stays intact, protecting against condensation with a simple, one-person installation from above the cooler. Reps also said the VicFlex Style AB6 Bracket fits any ceiling or wall thickness while sealing to a variety of surfaces such as corrugated or dimpled.

Optimized for cold storage applications, the VicFlex Style AB6 Bracket is available with pendent, concealed, and horizontal sidewall deflector styles and available pendent interchangeable escutcheons include: recessed, sleeve and skirt, and flush. The maximum working pressure is rated at 175 psi/1,375 kPa. The standard maximum working temperature is 150°F/65°C (EPDM/neoprene foam); an optional high maximum working temperature is available and rated at 225°F/107°C (silicone closed-cell foam).