Greenheck says it has expanded its line of Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) for high percentage and 100 percent outside air. Pre-engineered rooftop ventilator models RV-110 and RVE-180 with energy recovery offer capacities up to 18,000 cfm, up to 70 tons of packaged cooling, and 1,200 mbh indirect gas-fired heating. Both models feature an upgraded controls platform with a web user interface that comes as standard. The new web user interface (UI) provides an overview graphic of the unit operation and allows the controller menus to be accessed and adjusted from the web UI. The factory-programmed, wired and tested controller can operate as a stand-alone unit or integrate with a BMS. 

Factory-mounted VFDs on models RV-110 and RVE-180 control air flow. The company says a digital scroll compressor provides tight temperature and humidity control, and a 10:1 high turndown furnace provides precise temperature control. 

All are standard features with packaged DX cooling and indirect-gas heating on these new models.