Each year, the AHR Expo honors manufacturers that are looking forward and breaking new technological ground. Those manufacturers are presented with Innovation Awards covering 10 categories, including building automation, ventilation, heating, cooling, IAQ, and more.

Of the 10 honorees, only one was named the “best in show.” On Jan. 15, in Atlanta, enVerid Systems’ HVAC Load Reduction (HLR) module 1000E took home the top prize. The indoor air scrubber module, which is designed to lower energy waste from HVAC systems, was the winner in the green building category. According to AHR Expo officials, the system reduces the amount of outside air needed for ventilation by 60-80 percent. 

While this an impressive statistic, Udi Meirav president and founder of enVerid Systems, said the HLR module 1000E delivers several remarkable benefits by lowering the needed amount of outside air.