Heat Transfer Products Group LLC (HTPG) debuted its ColdZone Dual-Pak Multi-refrigerant Air Cooled Condensing Units for walk-in cooler and freezer applications.

The Dual-Pak Air Cooled Condensing Units offer two scroll compressors in medium- and low-temperature models ranging in size from 1 to 4 ho which can be mixed and matched to meet specific applications. According to the company, the unit works like a mini-rack system and uses many of the features of the Next-Gen Uni-Pak Air Cooled Condensing Units to improve efficiency, performance, and easier serviceability, such as externally mounted service valves for quick access from the exterior of the units and removable top and side panels.

For operating stability and increased system effectiveness, the Dual-Pak units feature a 70°F floating head pressure control valve and an integral subcooling circuit that allows saturated liquid to flow from the receiver to the condenser where the refrigerant is subcooled by ambient air. This provides an average of 3º to 5°F of subcooling for higher operating efficiency while assuring optimal expansion device operation.

-- Heat Transfer Products Group LLC