Samsung has launched Fresh Access™, a ventilation product line designed to bring fresh air into commercial buildings. The Fresh Access line includes three fresh air solutions that will align with ASHRAE requirements for fresh air: packaged dedicated outside air system (DOAS), split DOAS, and energy recovery ventilators (ERV).

Fresh Access™ packaged DOAS boast capacities from 3 tons up to 70 tons at up to 20,000 cfm providing 100 percent outside air. Samsung offers Packaged DOAS units as custom, build to order packaged AHUs with a number of design configurations and option combinations.

Samsung will also include split DOAS units in the Fresh Access™ commercial ventilation product line connecting to Samsung DVM S Heat Recovery systems. Split DOAS units are available in 1,200, 2,000, and 3,000 cfm models with high static pressure capability.  Fresh Access™ Split DOAS yield has a reheat capability up to 125°F outdoor temperature for optimal discharge air control and delivery of neutral air.  

Fresh Access™ ERVs use dPoint® enthalpic heat exchangers to recover thermal and latent energy. Samsung will offer the CSA certified equipment, meeting Canadian and U.S. safety standards, in 300, 600, and 1,200 cfm models. Optional control adapters are available to monitor and control Fresh Access™ ERVs via Samsung Central Controls.

--Samsung HVAC America