Weil-McLain introduced its new Aqua Pro™ indirect-fired water heaters featuring a nonmetallic, corrosion-resistant design. The company says the advanced line of water heaters are built to handle even the harshest water conditions.

Built with durability and longevity in mind, the AHRI-Certified® Aqua Pro units are available in four sizes — 30, 55, 80, or 119 gallons — making them flexible for a broad range of applications. The unit’s lightweight non-metallic tank allows for easy maneuverability and installation in basements, storage rooms, or other tight spaces. 
Other features of the Aqua Pro include top connections for easier access, a digital temperature control to help ensure accurate delivery temperature for optimal comfort, and no anode to check and maintain.

The unit also features a removable copper finned high-output coil, a durable brass drain valve, and 2-inch foam insulation that minimizes any stand-by heat loss. The unit is designed without welds for a seamless tank construction.