ASHRAE and UN Environment are accepting entries for a jointly established international award program to promote low-GWP alternative refrigerants and related technologies.

The Lower-GWP Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Innovation Award annually recognizes people who have developed or implemented innovative technological concepts applied in developing countries to innovative designs, research, and practices that minimize global warming potential (GWP) through refrigerant management.

“We look forward to seeing entries from innovators who are committed to sustainability through the development and implementation of a new generation of low-GWP efficient solutions,” said 2018-2019 ASHRAE President Sheila J. Hayter, P.E.

First place and honorable citation awards are made in two categories: residential applications and commercial/industrial facilities

The winners in each category will be selected based on innovative solutions for designs, practice, or research using lower-GWP technologies. The selection will take into account the following criteria:

• Extent of need;

• Innovative aspects in transforming conventional practices;

• Technical replicability to developing countries; and

• Economy feasibility to developing countries.

Entries for the 2019 awards will be accepted until May 15, 2019. Winning projects will be publicized by both organizations, and first place recipients will receive a stipend to receive their award at a UN Environment event.

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