ATLANTA — DiversiTech Corp. has acquired Stride Tool, manufacturer of Imperial brand hand tools.

“The acquisition of stride complements everything we do,” said Bud Sjogren, chief sales and marketing officer, DiversiTech Corp., during a press conference at the 2019 AHR Expo in Atlanta. “Our tagline is, ‘Simplify Your Work,’ this is what DiversiTech is all about from the wholesalers and technicians’ points of view. We have a focus on the trades. This is especially important as we embark into the tool business. We’re committed to relating to the people who touch these products every day and make a living using these manufacturing items.”

Ron Ortiz, former CEO of Stride Tool, will oversee DiversiTech’s tool group, which includes Stride Tool and the recently acquired hilmor brand.

Andy Bergdoll, CEO, DiversiTech, announced the company recently opened a new distribution center in Buford, Georgia.

“This facility more than triples our capacity in the market,” he said. “This facility is all about supporting our partnerships with our wholesalers. It’s commissioning in time for the 2019 season and is a major investment in innovation designed to allow us to expand and build our tools portfolio, which is a critical part of our portfolio.

Also at the event, Andrea Halpin, brand director DiversiTech, revealed the company’s 2018 Retool Your Future scholarship winners.

“Annually, we’ve offered the Retool Your Future scholarships to the trade,” she said. “We recognize the potential worker shortage and want to use this contest to encourage students to pursue careers in the trades.”

This year’s winners include Nichole Lemoine, Draik Huddleston, Jose Velazquez, Taylor Wansing, and Rafael Guevara. Each student will receive a $5,000 scholarship, HVAC starter kit, a Green Wall merchandise display for their schools, and a trip to the AHR Expo.

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