Education will always be an important aspect of the HVAC and engineering industry. But sometimes you have to find new teaching tools, and Titus is turning to augmented reality (AR).

Augmented reality allows users to visualize and experience a real-world environment by using a handheld device or tablet computer. Titus officials were on hand to show attendees of the 2019 AHR Expo in Atlanta the benefits of AR learning.

Attendees could use a table computer at the Titus booth, walk around, and watch as the computer screen creates a whole new space or "reality." Zoom in, take a closer look, and you can see where Titus equipment has been installed in this augmented reality.

The AR allows user to see where diffusers, grilles, terminal units, and more have been installed. They can even go closer with the AR and get a cut-away look at the specific equipment and how it is working.

According to Titus, the AR training is a great way to appeal to a younger workforce. It also provides a look at how equipment will look or function in a space before it is purchased and installed. This is beneficial to both engineers and building owners.

To see the Titus augmented reality first-hand, head to the company's booth located at B1829 at the AHR Expo.