The Rittal Blue e+ cooling units are now available in a roof-mounted version. The units, suitable for enclosures from a size of 800 mm by 600 mm (W x D) upwards, have a cooling output of 1.3 kW. The company says this means that cold air can also flow from above around the devices installed inside the enclosure, such as frequency converters. Alternatively, cooling can also be provided in combination with the new VX25 large enclosure system as a complete integration solution.

The new roof-mounted cooling units of the Blue e+ series, like the existing wall-mounted units, work with a combination of heat pipe and conventional compressor technology. Since neither a compressor nor a pump is called for when cooling via heat pipe, the company says the energy consumption is very low. Only the fans, used to transport the air past the heat exchangers, need to be supplied with electricity. Officials said this cooling method works especially well if there is a large temperature difference between the inside of the enclosure and the surroundings.

The additional compressor in the cooling units only operates when a larger cooling output is required. The new devices also have a multi-voltage supply and operate at all common mains, voltages, and frequencies.