Marketair Inc. has introduced the RoughinBox™ RBX-3, a redesign of the original RoughinBox for minisplit/VRF/VRV applications. The RBX-3 now includes an extra lineset port and accommodates both side and bottom drain configurations.  
The patented RBX-3-MP-NC (Multiple Port-New Construction) is a third-generation RoughinBox combining the bottom drain outlet of the RBX-1 and the side outlet of the RBX-2. The additional lineset port brings the total to five (two on top, one on each side, and one on the bottom), which can now accommodate lineset entry from any direction.

The RBX-3 also features four redesigned mounting brackets that are pre notched for use with metal studs, thereby eliminating the need to modify the metal studs during installation, which was a characteristic of the previous models.

The high density, blow-molded, black polyethylene RoughinBox is seamless and waterproof. The company says it expedites minisplit and VRF/VRV evaporator rough-in time by creating a stable central point with dedicated ports for linesets, condensate hose, and electrical/communication cabling to safely and easily enter and terminate. Once the RoughinBox is installed, piped, and wired, the surrounding wall area is ready for sheetrock installation, followed by painting, then final installation and commissioning of the evaporator.

The RBX-3’s dimensions are 14.5 inch by 8 inch by 3.5 inch, but still include room to conceal a condensate pump and reservoir when gravity draining isn't possible. 

-- Marketair Inc.