QA Graphics has released HTML5 Energy Efficiency Education Dashboards® (EEED) v6. Built with the latest web technologies, the company says the EEED v6 can be deployed via any format or device. The EEEDs are used to help educate occupants and the general public on sustainable building practices. Live data collected from the building provides occupants with insight on how their actions impact their surroundings.

To display real-time data, the dashboard integrates with existing automation systems and does not require custom software or an internet connection, therefore eliminating security risks. Ownership of the EEED v6 allows the client to control and maintain the building within their IT protocols, and each dashboard comes with a Content Management System (CMS) that’s catered to user needs by using a WordPress ® platform.

A variety of features can be added to the v6, such as calendars, area attractions, sponsor information, school curriculums, social media screen savers, and more.

--QA Graphics

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