A. O. Smith introduced the Product Preservers™ Powered Anode System. The new anodes, which are designed to provide maintenance-free protection for all water types, are available as an upgrade to replace the sacrificial anodes that come as industry standard equipment on tank-style heaters.

The company says this new technology provides consistent protection, with no additional elements added to the water, and eliminates the need to check and replace sacrificial style anode rods. The Powered Anode System increases protection by adapting to changes in tank conditions. It also uses patented adaptive technology which quickly adjusts to water type, providing the precise amount of current needed to deliver continuous, routine maintenance-free protection for water heater tanks.

Officials said the new anode system is designed for easy installation, complete with a control module fitting any standard 120-volt wall outlet, power supply, and a wiring harness. The system is equipped with a built-in LED fault light and audible alarm to notify users of defects in the system. Compatible with indoor water heaters of up to 50 gallons or less than 10 years old and containing a dedicated sacrificial anode, the powered anode system provides continual responsive protection over time.

--A.O. Smith