In a recent letter sent to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) urged support for President Trump's nominee, William Cooper, to serve as General Counsel to the Department of Energy. 

Noting that AHRI works closely with DOE on energy efficiency standards and performance certification, AHRI Sr. Vice President of Policy and Government Relations Joe Trauger stated that AHRI "...would welcome Mr. Cooper's leadership at the Department and looks forward to working with him closely." 

Trauger also noted that Cooper "clearly has a deep understanding of energy policy and the regulatory process under which it is implemented," owing to his service as a senior staffer to two House committees with energy jurisdiction.

AHRI says it has a longstanding, close relationship with the Department of Energy, an agency that maintains federal energy efficiency standards for many of the products and equipment manufactured by its member companies. The association administers a comprehensive performance certification program through which independent, third-party laboratories test equipment to ensure it meets federal minimum energy efficiency standards and performs as advertised by the manufacturer.