Daikin says its new OptiLine™ is the ideal solution when livable space is at a premium. Engineered for high-rise apartments, office buildings, dormitories, and hotels, officials said the OptiLine provides new levels of quiet, comfortable, and economical heating and cooling in a very slender package. Daikin engineers designed OptiLine to efficiently condition air from 300 to 1,200 cfm, optimally matching a building’s space restrictions and efficiency needs. OptiLine aims to leverage top efficiencies to meet building owners’ environmental requirements and budget demands.

With its variable speed motorized impeller, the fan is able to run at the lowest possible RPM, typically reaching less than 60 percent capacity. This fan efficiency allows OptiLine to achieve noise criterion (NC) of less than 30 for the space, and to control humidity levels to create a comfortable space for occupants. 

--Daikin Applied 


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