RectorSeal has introduced Acid-Away® PRO, an all-in-one injector for eliminating acid in residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The Acid-Away PRO injector includes a 1.5-ounce dose of Acid-Away formula that helps eliminate and prevent refrigeration system acid formation.

The 6-inch-long Acid-Away PRO injector consists of a 1.5-ounce copper reservoir; a high side .25-inch standard brass connection fitting, and a low side .25-inch low-loss Schrader valve brass connection fitting designed to protect the service technician’s hands from frostbite and the environment from escaped refrigerant. The recyclable injector simplifies and expedites usage versus the original Acid-Away bottle/funnel method. Unlike the original Acid-Away, which was offered in both mineral oil and polyolester (POE) versions, Acid-Away PRO has been reformulated for all refrigeration oils. 

The company said the Acid-Away PRO chemically changes acid into a neutral, non-corrosive substance that doesn’t attack metals or cause future compressor motor burnouts. Acid-Away doesn’t deplete filter/drier capacity, which potentially leads to premature filter/drier replacement callbacks. While Acid-Away Pro is designed for compressor burnout system cleanup, it can also be used as a preventative maintenance treatment for systems with a history of acid build-up.