State Water Heaters has launched the new iCOMM Connectivity Platform. The platform is available via the State Water Heaters app on iOS- and Android-ready mobile devices. All State ULTRA FORCE® SUF® models now come standard with onboard Wi-Fi, which allows for remotely connecting and interacting with ULTRA FORCE water heaters. Company officials said commercial water heater customers ranging from small businesses to chain operations could benefit from the system’s real-time data and alerts. Customers can monitor and maintain commercial hot water systems from virtually any smartphone or tablet.

Connecting and registering an iCOMM-compatible ULTRA FORCE water heater involves updating or installing the State Water Heaters app, connecting to the building’s Wi-Fi network, and completing the step-by-step app sign-up process. Once connected, users can interact with one or multiple heaters on the app, adjusting temperature and differential, viewing status and fault history, and setting custom alerts.

--State Water Heaters