Honeywell introduced its Honeywell Vector Space Sense, a software solution that shows where, when, and how building spaces are used at any given point in time. As a result, Honeywell officials said the building operations team can make better-informed real estate and space usage decisions that provide opportunities to optimize costs and promote better building experiences for occupants.

Honeywell Vector Space Sense gathers and analyzes data from multiple sources throughout a building to deliver actionable insights that help personnel better utilize, optimize, and prioritize building spaces. The facility team can view these insights through detailed, information-rich dashboards and reports incorporating visualization methods like maps, usage profiles, overall trends, and other metrics to show where, when, and how, space is used, along with opportunities to optimize usage and help reduce costs. For example, organizations can gain the necessary insights to repurpose unused spaces for more productive uses, make better-informed decisions about future space investments or divestments, and better align building equipment schedules with actual usage patterns.

Backed by a cloud-based infrastructure, Honeywell Vector Space Sense follows a three-step process that starts with gathering space utilization data from multiple sources such as smart lights, bluetooth beacons, mobile apps, and other sensor-connected devices and equipment. The solution then applies analytics to the collected data, using customized algorithms, and space utilization models to deliver actionable insights — the third and final step.