Reliable Controls has released its new MACH-ProView™ controller. MACH-ProView is a freely programmable BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) ideal for those using a mobile device to access, control, and monitor the comfort and energy performance of their space. The MACH-ProView resides on a variety of networks, including Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Wi-Fi, and EIA-485, and supports BACnet and Modbus protocols. MACH-ProView can be ordered with the CO2, humidity, and occupancy. Wi-Fi MPV models support a new Direct Wi-Fi feature, which allows for connection and initial configuration with no wireless access point necessary.

The device offers several mounting options as well as six outputs. Four outputs can be configured to be analog 12 VDC at 75 mA. All six outputs can be configured as solid state relays that switch 24 VAC/DC 0.5A. Router models provide a physical RS-485 network (AUX-Net) that can be configured as IO-Net, Modbus RTU, or MS/TP.