Goodway Technologies will offer a free webinar titled “Scale: Why You Have It, What It Does and How to Descale Safely and Effectively.” The webinar will be held Friday, April 27, 2018, at 10 a.m. EST.

Goodway’s descaling expert, Tim Fregeau, will discuss the basics of scale and the impact it has on industrial systems across multiple industry segments. Fregeau will walk participants through how to identify scale, how to develop an effective plan for removal, and how to manage any recurrence.

“Scale can have a tremendous impact on operational costs and we’ve found that while there is some familiarity with scale, there are still a lot of facility managers or personnel that could benefit from additional information,” said Tim Fregeau, director of sales, Liquid Solutions Division at Goodway Technologies. “Our goal is to provide that education and help companies find the right solutions to tackle scale while gaining a better understanding of what scale is.”

Fregeau is a 30-year sales and management expert in the HVAC/industrial descaling market. He currently serves as sales director for Goodway Technologies, an industrial maintenance solutions provider, where he specializes in advanced cleaning chemistries that offer safe and effective cleaning mixtures for reestablishing heat transfer and flow to water-operated and air-cooled equipment.

To register for the event, go here.