To improve energy efficiency and meet environmental regulatory requirements for small and midsize boiler markets, Emerson says it has introduced the Rosemount CX1100 in situ oxygen analyzer. The product is a high-performance, zirconia cell-based combustion control system designed for these boilers. Officials said the analyzer features the same sensor reliability found in large industrial technology, but the system is built to the requirements of boilers used in such applications as food and beverage, manufacturing, commercial, and municipal.

With increasing environmental requirements, users of light industrial and commercial boilers are faced with escalating compliance demands that increase the need for measurement and control of the fuel-air ratio. Many small to midsize boiler users currently do not measure oxygen in combustion flue gas leaving themselves open to regulatory as well as energy inefficiency problems. With the Rosemount CX1100, Emerson officials said it is now economically feasible to bring high quality and repeatable zirconia technology to these markets.

With the addition of the Rosemount CX1100, Emerson now offers the full range of boiler combustion technology from smaller commercial boilers to high temperature, multi-measurement hazardous approval applications.