RectorSeal has developed the ArmorPad™, a mounting pad product line for residential and light commercial air conditioning condensers. The ArmorPad is constructed of a dense foam core base enveloped in a shell of durable polymer on five sides that simulates the texture and color of gray concrete. The product line comes in 24-, 30-, 32-, 36-, and 40-in-sq by 3-in-high models. The company says the pad saves on jobsite costs because only one person is needed to transport and install it.

The ArmorPad polymer shell is not sprayed on, but rather molded into a one-piece durable extrusion that’s compliant with ASTM D-2299 standard “Recommended Practice for Determining Relative Stain Resistance of Plastics.” The polymer surface has built-in resistance to UV degradation, coil cleaning chemicals, landscaping chemicals, weather, and more