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The past decades have brought about dramatic developments in technology, business practices, and approaches. Today, the industry is grappling with the impending disruption brought about by information technology, specifically the “digitalization of everything” under the moniker of the Internet of Things. The New Deal is based on three tenets, explained in full in the white paper:

  • Open Standards
  • Digital Twin
  • Service Transparency


  • Anto Budiardjo, Cimetrics
  • David Katz, Sustainable Resources
  • Harsha Chandrashekar, Honeywell
  • John Petze, SkyFoundry
  • Mike Welch, Fulham Co.
  • Ron Bernstein, LonMark
  • Therese Sullivan,

Title: Creating A New Deal For Buildings

Company: CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association)


Format: PDF

Link: Creating A New Deal For Buildings

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