LG Electronics USA Inc.’s Component Solutions division and Heatcraft Refrigeration Products announced a sourcing agreement to manufacture new Heatcraft condensing units with LG refrigeration scroll compressors.

The advanced new LG scroll compressor for commercial refrigeration will come factory-installed in 1.5 through 5 hp horizontal air-cooled condensing unit medium temperature models.

“LG’s relationship with Heatcraft, a leader in commercial refrigeration, is a testament to the extensive research and innovative designs developed by our compressor engineers,” said Kwangho Kim, president of LG Electronics Component Solutions.

The company says the LG scroll compressor for commercial refrigeration features a highly-calibrated vacuum compression prevention device and a stronger, more responsive discharge reed valve engineered for the harsh operating conditions inside refrigeration applications.

This medium temperature model is designed for walk-in commercial refrigeration applications such as supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and cold-storage warehouses.

“As the only commercial refrigeration manufacturer offering two scroll compressor manufacturer options on 1.5 to 5 hp medium temperature condensing units, Heatcraft is continually looking for ways to enhance our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers as they transition from hermetic to scroll compressors to meet new EPA SNAP rules as well as future DOE regulations,” said Larry Golen, vice president and general manager of Heatcraft Refrigeration Products. “We are committed to proactively creating solutions for our customers as their business needs evolve due to industry regulations and emerging market trends.”

The Heatcraft condensing unit medium temperature LG models are designed to meet all new EPA SNAP regulations and are compatible with multiple refrigerants, including R-404A, R-407A/C, R-448A, and R-449A.