The AAG Advanced Architectural Grilleworks exclusive Plaster J-Bead® frame is combined with the company’s linear bar grille core to provide a flush, borderless installation for plaster and drywall applications on walls and/or ceilings. Also known in the industry as a “mud grille” or “plaster grille,” the company says it aims to provide a seamless installation enabling users to smoothly capture the contour of any wall or ceiling. The Plaster J-Bead® linear bar grille is available in any linear bar grille core style and finish.

The exclusive Plaster J-Bead® design linear bar grille is quickly fastened to the wall via the outer flange by either screwing or nailing through the pre-drilled holes. After fastening, the flange is covered with a skim coat of plaster to provide a clean, flush appearance. 

--Artistry in Architectural Grilles