Goodway Technologies has launched its CC-201T coil cleaning system. Goodway says the is designed to make it easier and faster to perform on-the-go cleaning of coils in mini-split systems, packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs), and interior air handlers. The CC-201T includes a portable design and custom pump system that uses a pressurized water system to safely remove dust, dirt, and debris from a variety of coils. It can be connected to a water source for continuous cleaning or there is a convenient built-in storage tank that holds eight gallons of water.
The coil cleaning system works with Goodway’s tablet system. CoilShine-T and CoilShine-T-BIO consists of a two-step process using one tablet to clean and another bio blasting tablet to help protect against odor and deliver better indoor air quality. The company says the premeasured tablets make for safer and easier transporting — removing the risk of a chemical spill and eliminating the burden on technicians to haul around gallons of cleaner.

--Goodway Technologies