A new critical environment damper series from Ruskin® is designed and manufactured to withstand the elements of coastal and corrosive applications. The CD50CE and TED50CE combine the strength of stainless steel and protection of anodized aluminum to combat salt water elements.

The CD50CE is Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) licensed as Class 1A and, due to low-leak extruded aluminum, meets the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The company says the damper features low-maintenance, non-corrosive bearings and shake-proof linkage; airfoil blades for high-velocity (HVAC) systems, low pressure drop and quieter performance; and mechanically-fastened blade edge seals.

The thermal-efficient TED50CE eliminates thermal transfer and the potential for condensation. The damper also meets the IECC, features the same non-corrosive bearings and shake-proof linkage as the CD50CE and includes twin seals to ensure no thermal path.