Greenheck’s new Model EQD direct drive mixed flow inline fan features an energy-saving Vari-Green® motor mounted inside a patent pending octagonal housing. The company says the Vari-Green motor’s variable speed control matches fan performance with facility demand and requires virtually no maintenance. The octagonal housing coupled with the aluminum mixed flow wheel’s straightening vanes improves fan efficiency and helps reduce sound levels by converting swirling airflow into straight laminar flow. The compact housing is manufactured of formed galvanized steel panels coupled with a heavy-gauge steel drive frame. Officials also said the standard universal mounting supports, field-rotatable housing, and removable duct collars allow for easy installation. 

Model EQD offers a performance range up to 4,250 cfm and static pressure up to 2.5 in. wg. Model EQD is ideal for indoor, commercial clean air applications where quiet, economical operation is desired such as office buildings, educational facilities, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and multifamily housing.