The new Lamp Hour Meter from UV Resources alerts building engineers when to replace their ultraviolet-C (UV-C) lamps to ensure the system continues enhancing indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and HVACR efficiency.

All UV-C lamps will lose output over time, regardless of their make or model. Left undetected, they will burn out, and cease inactivating harmful microorganisms on cooling coils, drain pans, upper air spaces, etc.

Able to be installed anywhere, the hour meter solves this problem by measuring the lamps’ total run time from installation, based on an annual, or roughly 9,000-hour, schedule. After 8,041 hours, or about 11 months, the meter’s solid green LED light changes to a slow, intermittently flashing orange LED as an early reminder to replace the UV-C lamps. After 9,000 hours, a red LED begins to flash rapidly and intermittently, indicating the immediate need for lamp replacement. Once the lamps are replaced, the meter is simply reset.

Due to its stand-alone timer, the Lamp Hour Meter can be installed anywhere that is convenient for the building engineer. It can also be incorporated into a building management system, in which case a 5V signal will be used for a relay connection.

--UV Resources