CoolIT Systems has expanded its Rack DCLC™ product line with the release of the AHx2 Heat Exchange Module. This compact liquid-to-air heat exchanger makes it possible for direct contact liquid cooling (DCLC) enabled servers to be thermally tested during the factory burn-in process, without additional liquid cooling infrastructure. The company says the AHx2 is a vital addition to CoolIT’s broad range of liquid cooling products, and is a compact, easy to transport air heat exchanger designed to enable factory server burn-in when liquid is not present in the facility. As a liquid-to-air heat exchanger, the AHx2 dissipates heat from the coolant in the server loop to the ambient environment. AHx2 provides direct liquid cooling to four DCLC enabled servers, and provides 2kW of heat load management. The design and size allows the unit to safely sit on top or adjacent to a server chassis during manufacturing.

--CoolIT Systems