Regal Beloit Corporation launched a new suite of Marathon® generators for data centers. The DATAMAX line of generators ranges from 1,100 to 3,500 kW, covering 480 to 13,800 volts 60 hertz and 400 to 11,000 volts 50 hertz and is available in 740, 760, 860, and 1,000 frame designs with low-reactance customization.

The new DATAMAX generators offer a warranty of five years and 2,000-hour coverage. The generators utilize single-piece laminations and a wet layer winding process, with form coil main stator options available across the entire offering. Additional customized solutions are also available.

The DATAMAX generator line also includes a digital voltage regulator, leveraging Marathon DVR®2000E+ and DVR2000EC+ technologies, and is UL Listed and CSA certified.

--Regal Beloit Corp.