When an industry leading soft drink beverage distributor needed to expand its distribution center, their facility manager and mechanical engineers reviewed heating and ventilating options and made an interesting decision. Improving energy efficiency and proper ventilation were important, so they looked at the High Temperature Heating and Ventilation (HTHV) direct gas-fired technology from Cambridge Engineering.

According to Cambridge, its HTHV technology has a record of bringing energy savings and improved indoor air quality to large commercial and industrial spaces throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Unlike air rotation units, the HTHV solution allowed the distributor to install a heating solution that would not occupy useable floor space and would reduce energy costs. Instead of taking up valuable floor space, the nine Cambridge HTHV units were installed on both the existing facility and the new 300,000-sq-ft distribution center’s rooftop. Once installed, the company was able to remove the old air rotation units and regain use of the floor space that they had once been occupied.

After the first full heating season, the energy costs for the existing and new facility remained the same as the prior year. Even though there was no formal study, the beverage distribution company felt that the HTHV technology they installed in their existing location and the new 300,000-sq-ft expansion was a large contributor to the zero increase in energy costs for the entire facility despite the increase in conditioned space.

Because of the energy savings, the company decided to install the Cambridge HTHV technology in another one of their facilities as well. This winter will be that facility’s first winter using the technology, and the company expects to see a reduction in those overall energy costs as well.