ADEY® introduced the MagnaClean® Professional2XP™, which helps to virtually eliminate iron oxide in hydronic heating systems. According to the company, buildup of this damaging sludge can reduce heat transfer by as much as 15% and reduce boiler efficiency by up to 6% in only three weeks.

MagnaClean Professional2XP was recently introduced to the North American market. Ideal for 1-in copper and 1.25-in NPT iron pipework, the magnetic filter features a neodymium magnet that captures and eliminates within minutes of its installation nearly all of the suspended iron oxide sludge circulating in a system. The large-capacity canister also houses two non-magnetic capture zones for larger circulating debris. MagnaClean Professional2XP can be fitted on the return pipe to the boiler/circulator, and features low-profile drain valves and built-in air vents for easier servicing.

The design of the filter has no moving parts. Instead, the filter works as water is forced in a cyclonic flow around the magnet simply by the shape and location of the inlet and outlet. Installation of the filter does not block or restrict flow, and pressure drop is minimal, said ADEY officials.