Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) Training Classes are scheduled for July 18-20 in New York City. The DCEP credential is issued under the U.S. Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Management Program, in conjunction with a training program developed by Lawrence Berkley National Labs (LBNL). The DCEP training program certifies energy practitioners who are then qualified to evaluate data center energy usage and make detailed recommendations to improve efficiency.  

The two DCEP courses scheduled for July are both located in New York:

Generalist              July 18                  
Specialist               July 19-20            

Participants may also sign up for a bundle covering both courses.
The Generalist session is a one-day course providing a high-level view of different IT and support systems in data centers. The HVAC Specialist event is a two-day course comprising an in-depth review of HVAC/mechanical systems in data centers.

Upon completion of these training classes and passing the exam, candidates become officially registered and certified as a Data Center Energy Practitioner. Since the DCEP title and certification is a federal government issued credential, it is a valuable qualification for engineering and consulting firms when proposing data center energy efficiency assessments to data center operators, state energy agencies, and utilities. 

In addition to commercial consulting opportunities for a DCEP, the federal 2016 Data Center Optimization Initiative “DCOI” (OMB, Memorandum M-16-19) requires federal agencies to develop and report on data center strategies to consolidate inefficient infrastructure, optimize existing facilities, improve security posture, achieve cost savings, and transition to more efficient infrastructure, such as cloud services and inter-agency shared services.

DCOI memoranda state that all tiered federal data centers shall have at least one certified DCEP assigned to manage data center performance and continued optimization. The DCEP can be a federal employee or a qualified contractor.

For more information or to register for the NYC DCEP classes, please contact North American Access Technologies, Inc., via or