A new line of dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) from the YORK® brand of Johnson Controls includes a range of 100% outside air units and mixed air units. With heat pump operation and water source operation, as well as a hot water heat option, the new line of air systems delivers more combinations of heating and cooling. The systems also feature an internal energy recovery wheel that pre-conditions outside air and reduces heating and cooling loads by transferring energy between the exhaust airstreams.

The new DOAS line offers air or water cooled units, in various configurations ranging from cooling only to heat pump. A full selection of factory-installed options adds to system flexibility, including:

  • Modulating or staged gas heat, modulating electric heat, or hydronic heat options to meet outside air heating requirements
  • Six row evaporator coil for maximum capacity and moisture removal
  • On/off or modulating hot gas reheat to condition air to a neutral discharge temperature and accurate humidity control
  • BAS connectivity, thanks to the native BACnet control system, which has been designed specifically for integration
  • with multiple BAS via BACnet, Modbus, Lonworks, and N2 protocols.