Trane announced the availability of its XR16 low profile side discharge air conditioning unit for split ducted systems. This high-performance, low-profile unit features a side discharge, making it ideal for difficult-to-install applications or in tight space requirements where vertical discharge units prove less than optimal.

Assembled in Tyler, TX, the units are available in 1.5 through 5-ton sizes. The company claims it is designed for challenging applications including: zero lot-line situations, multi-family housing and condominium units, and row houses. The XR16 is also ideal for applications on roof tops, under decks, or anywhere else where space constraints make vertical discharge units impractical. The draw-through design ensures that air is not recirculated and dirt and debris are not drawn into the unit staining the home or building.

The unit features a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of up to 17 and meets all national energy efficiency requirements. Each unit is built with a Climatuff™ compressor, tube and fin coil with refrigeration grade copper tubes and enhanced aluminum fin surface to maximize heat transfer, and an integrated fan system with a swept blade design to improve airflow, enhance performance, and reduce sound levels which range from 70 to 73 dBA.