Waste heat recovery innovation doesn’t make the news that often, so when it does, I have to wonder whether you, clever reader, can steer that innovation toward some creative advancements for the HVAC industry.

The innovation in question was published in March in a paper (www.nature.com/articles/srep44621) titled “Terbium Ion Doping In Ca3Co4O9: A Step Towards High-Performance Thermoelectric Materials.” (You read engineering trade magazines, you know a catchy title when you see one, am I right?) The authors are Shrikant Saini, Haritha Sree Yaddanapudi, Kun Tian, Yinong Yin, David Magginetti, and Ashutosh Tiwari. They are researchers at the University of Utah.

So what’s going on? The title’s complicated compound comprises calcium, cobalt, and terbium. The strategy revolves around the Seebeck effect, which relies on significant differences in temperature in nearby areas of the same environment. The goal is to harness potentially useful energy with no wall outlets required.

As Daniel Akst reports in his March 23 Wall Street Journal article (“A Compound to Capture Lost Energy”), cooking is a possible hot spot here (no pun intended). However, another is in the area of clothing or accessories and medical monitoring, where the difference between our body temperature and the environment’s temperature could allow the “free” energy to power small sensor-type devices.

So the question is, could this type of technology open another front in the ongoing buildings battle to minimize wasted energy? Email me at beverlyr@bnpmedia.com with your ideas, no matter how near- or farfetched.



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