Patten CAT is a fourth-generation Caterpillar sales and service organization that began back in 1933. Their relationship with Cambridge Engineering heating products started in 2005 when they purchased their first Cambridge S-Series unit to retrofit a less than effective heating system at their Oglesby, IL location. Fast forward 12 years, and Patten has over 25 Cambridge units heating six of their locations throughout the Chicagoland area.

They include:

Oglesby, IL – Five Cambridge S-series units

Wauconda – Two Cambridge S-Series units

Rockford – Five Cambridge S-Series units

Hammond – Four Cambridge S-Series units

Joliet – One Cambridge S-Series unit

Elmhurst – Seven Cambridge S-Series units and one Cambridge

M – Series unit

In the beginning, the units were purchased to retrofit older, less-effective equipment. Today, they have used the Cambridge units to not only retrofit their existing locations, with the latest retrofit qualifying for a NiCor gas energy efficiency rebate, but to heat their location in Wauconda, IL, which was a new construction project.

For Terry Flick, Patten’s facility manager, Cambridge is his go-to heating products for Patten facilities. According to Flick, “Cambridge units are long lasting and are economical enough for people to purchase. Whenever I have to update something, I keep going back to Cambridge.”

There are other benefits that Patten realizes from using Cambridge equipment. Since the units are a 100% outside air heating technology the units help provide a little positive pressurization for their buildings. This helps keep the cold air out and improves the IAQ for employees during the winter heating months.

As Flick points out, “Even on a zero-degree day, the units still provide a 150ºF discharge temperature, which keeps our facilities nice and warm.” That’s important — with many Chicagoland locations, they see quite a few zero degree days during the typical winter.

Cambridge says it is honored to be the heating solution of choice for Patten CAT and hopes to continue the relationship for many years to come.