Titus has developed new virtual reality training called Titus VR. The company says the training allows HVAC professionals, at the time and place of their choosing, to test how products and systems perform in simulated applications prior to installation.

 “We’ve found Millennials and the next wave of HVAC professionals enjoy a hands-on experience that is both visual and mobile. Titus VR taps into that,” said Jenny Sivie, director of advanced business development for Titus.

Currently offering experiences for chilled beam and underfloor modules, Titus VR enables users to see how products and modules function in buildings without having to be onsite.

Engineers aren’t the only ones who reap the technology’s benefits. The company said architects will also find Titus VR valuable because they can see how equipment looks prior to installation, while contractors can further visualize the installation process.

Titus plans to roll out headsets for wider use at spring and fall open houses as well as customer appreciation events. Those interested in Titus VR can contact their local reps about bringing it onsite. 

For more information on Titus VR, visit titus-hvac.com.