Nortek Global HVAC is adding a new 96% AFUE gas furnace to its lineup. Model FG7TE/FG7TN comes with a factory-installed ECM motor and programmable control board. The new furnace meets Energy Star requirements and qualifies for local utility rebates and the U.S. federal tax credit.

The Nortek Global HVAC fixed-torque ECM blower motor is programmable to 16 different speeds for both heating and cooling operation modes, which the company says makes it extremely adaptable to challenging high-static applications as well as a greater range of heating and cooling capacities. Nearly 100% of the fuel used to power the unit is converted into useful heating power. The new furnace also features a SmartLite® hot surface igniter made of silicon nitride for long igniter life and an on board jumper shunt for two-stage operation from a single-stage thermostat. A dehumidification terminal reduces initial airflow for maximum humidity removal and three LED status lights help to simplify troubleshooting.

--Nortek Global HVAC