The Hydraulic Institute announced that Taco Comfort Solutions’ pump test laboratory in Cranston, RI recently received approval through HI’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program.

The HI program aims to assist pump OEMs and other pump test laboratories in improving their current laboratory procedures and policies by working with a third-party auditor to develop and maintain accurate, uniform, repeatable pump testing protocols. The program also helps participating organizations adhere to the requirements of the international test laboratory accreditation standard (ISO 17025) concerning test measurement equipment.

As the DOE requires increased efficiencies for commercial and industrial pumps, a manufacturer's ability to demonstrate accurate pump performance becomes an important part of compliance. Performing these tests in a lab not only applies the industry standard (HI 40.7), but also stands up to independent third-party audits.

The pump test lab approval program is HI's latest program designed to support the DOE's energy saving initiatives.

“As the current president of HI, I’ve been a strong advocate for the new DOE efficiency standards along with the advancement of the complementary HI test lab approval program,” said John White Jr., executive chairman of Taco Inc. “It’s only fitting that Taco’s world-class lab be part of this program and I’m proud of our lab staff who operate it to the highest standards. A third-party validation promotes fairness and transparency in the market, especially as we work toward the 2020 implementation date of the DOE’s commercial and industrial pump rule. HI continues to be the leading voice for our industry and Taco is proud to play our part in that effort.”