RectorSeal® Corp. has introduced the Hurricane-Rated Wall Condenser Bracket for ductless minisplit system (DMSS) condensers. The bracket is a universal DMSS wall mounting bracket tested/certified by a third-party structural engineering firm for compliancy with all North American hurricane-rating standards.

The heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanized steel wall bracket is fully-adjustable to fit any DMSS brand and condenser size up to 500 pounds. It complies with the Florida Building Code (2014), ASCE 7-10 and as per Rule 61G20-3; and also Miami-Dade County (NOA No. 15-0820.06). Features include a sliding crossbar, built-in level, and rubber isolation vibration mounts.

The bracket includes a reference chart to match multiple building structural materials, anchors, unit size, mounting height, and weight for complying with Building Risk II, III, and IV; and Exposure C & D hurricane criteria. Adjustable bracket arms and support arms can be expanded or contracted laterally with included bolts and vibration isolation pads to fit any condenser.