Trane is expanding its portfolio of Performance Climate Changer™ air handlers to provide customers with a custom unit that is designed and built for applications that require exact specifications for size, shape, components, materials and performance.

Trane Custom Performance Climate Changer air handlers are configured in the factory with variable aspect ratio design to meet specific footprint requirements, and can be customized to over 200,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) capacity. Customers have a choice of galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum steel casing, which helps meet weight considerations, corrosion resistance, thermal performance, and acoustic requirements.

With an ASHRAE 111 Class 6 leakage rating, Trane says its Custom Performance Climate Changer air handlers offer some of the lowest leakage rates for maximum energy savings and lower operating costs. Double-walled casing panels up to 4-in thick and high-performance foam insulation reduces air leakage and deflection to help maximize energy efficiency, minimize utility costs, and meet sustainability goals — while also contributing to quiet operation.

Air handler controls are engineered, mounted, wired, and tested before leaving the factory to ensure system energy efficiency and reliability without compromising casing integrity. In addition, advanced options are available to address specific indoor air quality needs including Trane’s Cool Dry Quiet (CDQ™) desiccant dehumidification wheels and

Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS) controls.
Officials also said the Trane Performance FlexFit™ assembly options ensure that the air handler can be assembled on-site and commissioned to deliver the performance required for the building application. The air handler can arrive fully preassembled from the factory ready to be installed or disassembled with detailed assembly instructions. To simplify and expedite the process even further, customers can request a Trane building professional to assemble the unit on-site.