Lochinvar LLC announced that its Smart Touch™ control has been added as a standard feature on Power-Fin® boilers and water heaters from 500,000 to 2,000,000 Btuh. This enhancement comes after the technology was announced specifically for the larger boiler models. Now, the entire Power-Fin product family has this control.

This enhancement includes the Smart Touch Control™ and CON·X·US® remote connect. The Smart Touch Control offers an 8-in touchscreen for quick set-up, while the CON·X·US platform allows users to monitor and manage the unit from any internet-capable device. CON·X·US also sends alerts via text or email notifying the user of changes in the system status and allows for the modification of settings from almost anywhere when connected to Wi-Fi or cat 5 Ethernet. Additionally, both Power-Fin water heaters and boilers can be adapted where practical in specific warm weather sites, for outdoor applications with the optional outdoor installation kit.