Twin City Fan & Blower announced availability of the new light duty (Class-L), direct drive, Utility Set- DCV. The new DCV Class - L is available with the GridSmart™ Electronically Commutated (EC) motor up to 3 hp applications.

The DCV, Class-L  is a direct drive utility set model that features a flat bladed backward inclined wheel and lock seam construction for lighter weight. It is utilized in applications requiring high cfm at low and medium pressures. Model DCV Class - L is a perfect fit for clean air streams. Models are available with 10.5-in to 20-in wheel diameters, airflow up to 8,200 cfm, and, static pressure to 2.5-in w.g.

The company says the GridSmart™ EC Motors include efficiencies up to 87.5%. Also, lower operating temperatures result in longer life and a reduction in energy consumption.