Aquatherm North America is preparing to move into a new headquarters and fabrication facility in early 2017.

Located in Lindon, UT, roughly two miles from the company’s existing building, the 82,000-sq-ft building will provide space for operations, including office space for corporate staff, engineering and quality-assurance laboratories, extensive warehouse space, and a fabrication facility.

“The new Aquatherm North America building represents a significant step forward for our entire organization, and one of the most exciting things is the way in which it will allow us to better support our Design & Fabrication Services department,” said Jordan Hardy, CEO of Aquatherm North America. “Design and fabrication services are a significant benefit for all of our partners and customers in the U.S. and Canada; we will be able to greatly expand these services at our new location. There is a lot of positive energy around our new building as we look to better support our partners and customers in 2017 and beyond.”

According to the company, because Aquatherm PP-R piping systems are sustainable, recyclable, and contribute directly to LEED credits, the new headquarters also is being constructed to high environmental standards. This includes energy-efficient LEDs and lighting controls, a high-efficiency boiler and chiller, and low-flow control faucets and flush valves. Rain water will be recycled directly back to the earth to recharge the ground water. Also, concrete slab walls will include a layer of rigid polyisocyanurate insulation and steel studs with fiberglass batt insulation in between and will all be covered by sheetrock to achieve a minimum of R-13.

The roof will feature R-30 insulation and all of the exhaust air will be processed through an energy-recovery unit to temper the fresh air coming into the building. A high-efficiency radiant heating and cooling system that provides a comfortable work environment while using the lowest amount of energy possible will also be included.

“The new building is an exciting project. I’ve been impressed with the construction so far,” said Clifford Holmes, P.E., GPD, senior applications engineer at Aquatherm North America and the point person for the project. “The process of tilting up the 10-in thick walls made with recycled-material concrete was amazing. The walls also are so full of recycled steel that they seem almost invincible. In fact, the architect explained to me how the tilt-up walls as well as the floor, footings, and steel roof structure are all tied together to resist seismic forces up to an eight magnitude.”

Aquatherm PP-R piping systems will also be used extensively throughout the building.

 “The reliable heating and cooling system is one thing we look forward to the most as it will be an extremely energy-efficient system and considerably better than a forced-air system,” Holmes said.

Aquatherm expects to move into the building in February 2017.