Heat Transfer Products Group, LLC (HTPG) has launched five new websites. According to the company, the redesigned HTPG corporate and brand sites feature a design that utilizes the latest web technologies such as responsive web design, enabling the site to adapt and flex in real-time to any/all screen sizes and devices.

The development of the new websites was a collaboration between HTPG and its parent company, Rheem.

“Our HTPG team and Rheem’s digital services team completed rigorous development and thorough quality assurance testing to roll out these customer-focused, easy to navigate websites. The new sites are mobile-friendly and are simple to use,” said Paul Westbrook, HTPG’s director of sales and marketing.

The redesigned websites feature pull-down menus that display the available equipment and are organized by main equipment categories. Product and sub-category landing pages provide an overview of all available items. Individual product landing pages contain information about each unit along with hyperlinks to catalog literature and other data, all from the same page. Image sliders located at the bottom of category and product pages allow single-click access to other similar types of equipment.

Additional pull-down menus provide direct access to product literature, contacts, and support for technical data, inventory, software, and more. The new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages provide detailed answers to the top technical, engineering, product application, sales, customer service, ordering, payment processing, and warranty questions.

To take a tour of the new websites, visit (HTPG) www.htpgusa.com, (Russell) russell.htpgusa.com, (Witt) witt.htpgusa.com, (Kramer) kramer.htpgusa.com, and (ColdZone) coldzone.htpgusa.com.