Daikin Applied has introduced new developments with its Magnitude® WME Generation 2 magnetic bearing chiller. Firmly grounded in Daikin’s oil-free, magnetic bearing compressor technology, the Magnitude® WME Generation 2 builds on its performance with a redesign of the single compressor WME models from 400 to nearly 800 tons. The company says the Magnitude WME Generation 2 offers improved performance (especially in harsher climates), lower operating costs, and improved first costs.

Company officials also said that exclusive Daikin compressor technology offers a wider operating envelope to meet many demanding applications, giving designers the flexibility and performance to match their project requirements with substantially improved savings over the life of the unit.

The manufacturer pointed out that there are enhanced customer benefits, including higher lift capability. For customers who operate in harsher climates and need life and load performance that match their conditions, the WME Gen 2 features two impeller options. For example, WME 501 and 701 models are optimized for standard lift conditions such as AHRI conditions. The WME 502 and 702 models are optimized for lower load and higher lift conditions. The high lift models can now operate with up to 95°F entering condenser water temperature. Other benefits include improved unloading and higher capacity ratings.