Viega LLC introduced its Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program with the assistance of Hutchinson Community College.

Viega is currently interviewing and selecting students for the program which will start in January 2017. In addition to receiving a paid position working in Viega’s plastics, metals, machining or maintenance divisions, students who are selected for the program will receive a three-year associate’s degree paid-in-full by Viega with the potential to earn other employee benefits. Graduates of Viega’s apprenticeship program will also be offered a full-time position from Viega upon graduation.

“Historically, it has been a challenge to find qualified highly technical employees for our operations,” said Eric Wicker, director of manufacturing at Viega. “The program was started to build future talent as we grow and expand in McPherson. This would allow us to grow that talent from the ground up in a program specifically tailored to cover what we feel is critical to succeed at Viega.”

To supply its distribution network, Viega opened its central, 439,000-sq-ft manufacturing and distribution facility in McPherson, KS in 2009. The facility is now home to Viega’s vertically integrated PEX manufacturing. In 2016, Viega began production of Viega MegaPress fittings at a new 80,000-sq-ft facility on its McPherson campus.

Interested candidates can apply by contacting Viega recruiter, Jeff Glimpse, at or (316) 303-6621.